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Finally enjoy eating, talking and laughing again without worries.

DinaBase7 is a professional adhesive for dentures. Unlike conventional adhesive cream, it remains on the denture for 7 days, so only one tube of DinaBase7 is sufficient for 1-2 months. During the 7-days, you can use the denture as you normally would and remove it daily for cleaning. This is because DinaBase7 is made of a thermoplastic material that is also used by dentists to reline dentures. It is adjusted by heating, completely fills the gap between the gums and the denture and remains true to shape. As a result, DinaBase7 provides super-strong grip, prevents pressure points, does not allow bits of food to get under the denture - and thus improves your quality of life.
Seniorin mit Zahnprothese lächelt und hält einen Apfel in der Hand

DinaBase7 benefits

  • DinaBase7 only needs to be applied every 7 days.
  • During these 7 days, you can easily remove and clean your denture every day as usual.
  • DinaBase7 adapts perfectly to your mouth, creating a "suction effect" that ensures a firm hold.
  • Not a thin layer of adhesive cream, but a gel that completely fills the space between the gums and the denture.
  • One tube of DinaBase7 lasts for as long as 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Whether upper, lower, full or partial dentures - DinaBase7 is suitable for all types of dentures.
  • DinaBase7 is zinc-free and free of any harmful ingredients.
  • The strong grip of DinaBase7 prevents annoying food residues under your dentures and ensures a comfortable feeling all day.

How DinaBase7 works:

Dina Base 7 erwärmen

Warm up DinaBase7

Place the tube in hot water (60 °C) for a few minutes. The tube must be completely covered with water. Meanwhile, clean the denture thoroughly and then dry it well. Before applying DinaBase7, the denture must be completely clean and dry, otherwise the material will not stick properly.
Tube mit Deckel öffnen

Use the cap to open the tube completely

After warming the tube in hot water, remove the screw cap and pierce the opening with the tip of the cap to create a large, round opening. Twist the cap several times until the opening is completely pierced.
Eine Kirschgroße Portion DinaBase7

Squeeze a cherry-sized portion out of the tube.

After the adhesive gel has heated sufficiently, squeeze a cherry-sized portion out of the tube.
Portion DinaBase7 auf Zahnprothese auftragen

Apply the required portion to the centre of the denture

Then spread it evenly on the denture. For the upper denture, the gel should cover the entire surface of the denture. For the lower denture, the amount should be sufficient to form a sausage that completely fills the cavity (step 9).
DinaBase7 Zahnprothesen Haftgel gleichmäßig verteilen

Evenly apply the material

Apply the material evenly with both thumbs starting from the centre and moving outwards. If the amount is not sufficient, you can add more.
Gleichmäßige Anwendung an den Rändern

Apply evenly to the edges

Be sure to apply DinaBase7 evenly over the entire surface of the denture, especially along the edges.
Deutliche Lippenbewegungen zur Anpassung der Zahnprothese

Fitting to the mouth

Before inserting the denture, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water. After inserting the denture, clench your teeth and perform strong lip movements for at least one minute without pushing on the denture with your fingers. This way the denture will fit perfectly.
Entfernen von überschüssigem Material

Removing excess material

Remove and rinse the denture under cold water to remove excess material around the edges. Then use scissors to cut off the material. Done! If no excess material needs to be removed after fitting, too little material may have been used.
Wurst DinaBase7 auf Zahnprothese verteilen

Lower denture

For the lower denture, proceed as described in steps 1, 2 and 3. Form a small "sausage" out of the ball, then spread DinaBase7 with your fingers and press the material thoroughly, especially at the edges for better adhesion.
DinaBase7 entfernen

Replace DinaBase7

To remove DinaBase7, soak the denture in hot water for 5 minutes and loosen the old material. If necessary, use a blunt instrument such as a teaspoon, to avoid scratching the denture. Replace DinaBase7 within 7 days to ensure optimal hygiene and to avoid the growth of bacteria or fungi and bad breath.

What makes DinaBase7 different from conventional adhesive cream?

Conventional adhesive cream usually does not deliver what it promises. As a person who uses dentures, you are probably familiar with the problem that the denture does not stay in place despite the use of adhesive cream. The reason is obvious: adhesive cream for third teeth is only applied to the denture in a thin layer. However, since the gums retract more and more over time when dentures are used, this thin layer is not enough to fill the gap between the gums and the dentures. As a result, the denture does not stay in place due to the weak denture adhesive, even if the denture bonding cream is reapplied several times a day.

DinaBase7 works completely differently. When heated, the thermoplastic material becomes a thick gel that completely fills the entire space between the gums and the denture, thus providing a complete relining of the denture. After cooling, the material remains firm in shape and yet elastic, so that your denture fits perfectly to the gum. This creates a "suction cup effect" that ensures a secure hold for the denture. This is because when two moist surfaces are pressed together, the air between them escapes, creating a vacuum. This negative pressure ensures an absolutely tight transition between the denture and the palate. Unpleasant pressure points and annoying food residues under your dentures are finally a thing of the past. The moulded layer of DinaBase7 stays on the denture for 7 days, so that one tube of this clever adhesive for dentures is sufficient for 1-2 months and makes your life easier.

DinaBase7 - easy to use ...

DinaBase7 consists of a thermoplastic material that can be moulded by heating and thus perfectly adapts to the shape of your jaw. To use, simply place the tube in hot water for a couple of minutes and then apply the soft gel evenly to the clean, dry denture. In the beginning, use a little more gel so that you can find the right amount for you. Once the denture is in place, clench your teeth firmly and adjust the denture with finger pressure and lip movements. The material cools down and stays in the customised shape from then on.

Now the denture only needs to be held under cold running water and excess material cut off. The denture is now ready and will fit perfectly for a week.

After 7 days, DinaBase7 is removed from the denture. To do this, simply place the denture in hot water and scrape off the gel with a teaspoon. Then apply a new layer of DinaBase7 to the denture and press on carefully so that it fits perfectly again.

... and hassle-free cleaning!

Even if DinaBase7 remains on the denture for a whole week, you can remove your third teeth daily and clean them thoroughly. The easiest way to do this is under cold water with a toothbrush or with a cleaning tablet. The denture with the gel should only remain in the cleaning solution for a maximum of 15 minutes. When you take the denture out at night, it is not placed in water or cleaning fluid, but you can simply keep it in its box.

You want to enjoy life again without worries despite a full or partial denture? Then just give DinaBase7 a try!

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Sehr gut
Thomas B.
  • Verifizierte Bewertung
Das beste was es gibt
funktioniert einwandfrei , wechsle alle 5 tage , entfernen und auftragen etwas schwierig , dafür kann man die prothese herausnehmen und reinigen, danach wieder einsetzen, finde es gut , besser als alle tage haftcreme auftragen.
Carola O.
  • Verifizierte Bewertung
Bin auch der Meinung. Super Sache.
Bin auch der Meinung. Super Sache.
Eveline F.
  • Verifizierte Bewertung
Hält super gut.
Annerose G.
  • Verifizierte Bewertung
Besser als Zahnarzt
Was der Zahnarzt nicht schafft.die Creme schafft es.Prothese sitzt
Birgit M.
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Sehr gut
Ich finde es gut habe mir schon mehrfach bestellt
Edgar Spiel
  • Verifizierte Bewertung
Haftung gut
Gut zu verarbeiten, Preis Leistung ist in Ordnung
Ute W.
  • Verifizierte Bewertung
Benutze es auch schon lange
Absolut perfekt, ich benutze es seit einem Jahr
Manuela S.
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Kann ich auch bestätigen bin echt froh sie gefunden zu haben einfach Top
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